How to Install Garden Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

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Deal Score+3

Garden hose reel is a means of storing excess hydraulic hose when not in use. It is a spring loaded device that retracts or reels in and feeds out the hose as required.

Here we recommend a portable hose reel with wheels.

hose reel with wheels


  • CONVENIENT – Garden hose reel cart with wheels is easy to maneuver, and the handle can be extended or collapsed.
  • SIMPLE -Water hose reel crank handle can be mounted left or right, depending on your preference.
  • HOSE HOLDING – Portable water hose holder can hold up to 160-ft of 5/8-inch or 260-ft of 1/2-inch garden hose.
  • WIDELY USED – Also it can be used for storing and transporting electrical cord,hemp rope and so on.
  • WEIGHT AFFORD – This garden hose holder can afford the weight for 130-ft of 5/8″ pipe or 190-ft of 1/2″ pipe with water.
  • Assembly Requested.

This hose reel cart requests installation, and here is the parts listing:


Here is the video on how to install water hose reel cart

How to Install Garden Hose Reel with Wheels

If you have any other questions about this garden hose reel, or any ideas please feel free to leave your comment.

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